I understand that your DR-F speakers are the best Fane clones available. Do you sell them outside of your amps and cabs?

Due to our OEM agreement with Eminence speaker we are not allowed to advertise them for sale outside of our amps and cabs. If you have a Genuine Dave Reeves era HIWATT cab that needs speakers, we can re-load them for you. Please contact us.

Is payment upfront required to place my order?

For any items “in stock”, yes, payment is due at checkout. If you would like to order an amp that is not in stock and may take a few weeks before it is ready to ship, we can accept half down and half due prior to shipping. Please contact us.

How do I order an amp from you?

If you prefer not to order via the website you can always call or email us directly and we can take your order.

Do your amps have adjustable bias?

Yes, we have included an adjustable bias control in all of our amps.

What does it mean when you say, “HI-TONE is the only amplifier brand to be endorsed and approved by the Dave Reeves family? Isn’t Dave Reeves still building amps in Cincinnati Ohio?”

It means a lot! Dave Reeves died in March 1981. The company in Ohio uses the Reeves name against the wishes of the Reeves family. It means that the Reeves family has input in every facet of our operations. It means that we do not cut corners and skimp on components.

Your site says an amp is “back ordered” what does that mean?

That means that we do not have one in inventory that is ready to ship. We are constantly building amps and new orders are placed on the production schedule as they (orders) come in. Typically, our lead time or wait time is between two and three weeks. Please contact us for current lead/wait times.

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