HI-TONE Amps were created in honor of the late Dave Reeves and his original amplifiers, used by some of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s seminal Musicians from the late 1960’s to 1981. True to his philosophy, only the best available components go into a HI-TONE.

The “DR” Series

The DR is a careful reproduction of the amps made by Dave Reeves in the early 1970s. The tone stack is unique and different than the “FMV” controls found on most amplifiers, and has significantly more tonal range. These are relatively low gain amps with plenty of punch and headroom, and are great with pedals.

The “JP” Series

The JP uses a different approach than the other amps.  The back end of the preamp is mostly normal, including the tone stack, but the front end has a cathode follower driving a Balance control that is controlled by footswitch (like the rare SAP amp does). This effectively acts as a second footswitchable volume control, and allows boosting the signal when desired. We have taken a few slight liberties with this amp, for example, making the Presence control function as per normal, and electronically switching the Balance instead of sending the guitar signal out to the footswitch.

The “CP” Series

The CP is very similar to the original run of 100 Sound City amps made for Arbiter by Dave Reeves when he was first starting his amplifier business. The tone stack is similar to that of an old Vox® amp, and has no middle or presence controls. There are two pairs of independent channels (four channels altogether); the second two are voiced brighter then the first two. The most famous user of these amps typically only used one of the four channels.

The “DG” Series

The DG is very similar to the DR, but with a “Link” input that allows connecting a single instrument to both input channels at once.

THE SAP Series

The SAP is based on an exceedingly rare 1969 prototype 200 watt amp that was never put into production.  The original never had a proper control panel.  Why?  We can only guess that it was years ahead of its time as it is one of the best sounding amps we have ever heard.

The LEAD Series

The LEAD Series is based on a “one off” DR103 that Dave Reeves modified in his garage in New Malden.  This particular amp has a tone stack that is a precursor to the legendary “DR” pre-amps.  The LEAD has more mids and more gain than the classic “DR”.

HI-TONE Amplification is the only amplifier company endorsed and approved by the Dave Reeves family.

HI-TONE Amplification employs Dave Reeves circuitry approaches in 18 watt LOWATT, 50, 100, and 200 watt builds.

50 watt amps use 2xEL34 tubes

100 watt amps use 4xEL34  tubes

200 watt amps use 4 x KT88 power.

LOWATT 18 watt amps use 2x6V6 Power Tubes.

Standard Features of every HI-TONE Amp:

  • Assembled in the U.S.A. from best-available components
  • “Mil-spec” style wiring
  • Turret board construction (no Printed Circuit Boards!)
  • Heyboer Transformers (the best Partridge clones made today)
  • Premium capacitors (both signal caps and electrolytic caps)
  • Switchable A/C Mains Input for International Operation
  • Selectable Output supports 4, 8 or 16 ohm total loads
  • Classic styling, including Cliff jacks and Chicken Head knobs
  • Shipped with selected and tested, new production TAD and JJ tubes
  • Fully Tested and Soaked, so any “infant mortality” component failure occurs in our shop, not on your stage

We Ship Worldwide!  Please contact us for shipping outside the USA.