Fall Newsletter 2017

The #1 Frequently Asked Question we get is: What is the difference between the NOS mustard caps and the Sozo caps?

The short answer: There is not a “night and day” difference. Both choices are excellent and sound similar to the other. This is analogous to cork sniffing.

In a live setting few people if any could tell the difference. In a studio with all other variables eliminated, some people will notice some subtle differences. The difference being the NOS mustard caps have a slight bit of added dimension or texture to the tone. In comparison the Sozo’s can sound very slightly more HiFi. What do we attribute it to? Probably 45+ years of age and minute drifting of values in the NOS mustards.

So, are the NOS mustards worth the upcharge?

We can’t answer that for you. But we can give you a few things to ponder:

  1. Are you a touring musician?
  2. Are you on a tone quest chasing down a legendary tone to the final 2%?
  3. Is the rig a trophy for your man cave?

If you answered “yes” to #2 and #3, get the NOS mustards. It will eat at you if you don’t.

If you answered “yes” to #1, stay with the Sozo’s. You will still have an exquisite tone and save a couple hundred dollars.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong and both choices are premium capacitors.

Best Regards from HI-TONE Amplification
– Clayton Callaway