Introducing the LOWATT amps and combos

We are known for building rugged “roadworthy” amps and speaker cabs. No one builds a heavier duty amplifier than us. While cool in most rights, this is also limiting in a world of smaller, lighter and quieter amps.

We took a step towards a lower power amp with the HT30 series and they are excellent amplifiers. The downside of the 30 watt series is that they are as heavy as our 100watt amps, and they are not much lower in volume than our 50 watt models. The half power switch helps, but it is not perfect and we feel the tone at half power is compromised.

We set about to create a low power amp that is easy to carry and maintains truly excellent tone at reasonable levels. We started with the HT50 DR as a the model design and tone and 18-20 watts as the target wattage.

We designed a set of phenomenal transformers that are true to Dave Reeves’ standards. Vintage correct wind, build and materials designed for two 6v6 power tubes. Still oversized for 2 x 6v6,  but a 6.5 pound weight savings over the 30 watt transformers.

Next on our list was reducing the weight of the head cabs and 1×12 combos. With a reduced amplifier weight, we were not tied to the massive .75”/19mm voidless Baltic Birch plywood. Now .5”/13mm voidless Baltic Birch was an option. The new LOWATT head cabs were shortened in Length 3” and height 1”  this new cab design resulted in an additional weight savings of 6.5lbs. So, the LOWATT head sounds more like a 1970’s DR504 than our 30 watt amp yet weighs 13 lbs less. Let me tell you, this is a very noticeable difference.

While we are excited about the LOWATT heads, the LOWATT combos are even more exciting. We came up with a completely new 1×12 combo design that we are in love with. Pairing either of our LOWATT amplifiers with our classic DR-F or optional Crescendo drivers makes for an incredible and easily portable tone machine.

Happy Holidays!

2 replies on “Introducing the LOWATT amps and combos

  • Derrin Ballard

    I’m so excited to have finally found the legit heir to the Dave Reeves Hiwatt amp! I can’t wait to get my hands on one, keep rockin’!

  • Bradley Blyth

    I LOVE THESE AMPS!!…and THIS COMPANY. I have never owned a HiWatt. Ive owned all kinds of vintage Plexi and Metal panel Marshalls, every boutique amp out there, etc. Came across one of the Hi-Tone Videos (check them out on YouTube!) and got curious. Emailed Hi-Tone and got wonderful, detailed, courteous responses from Clayton immediately (while he was camping!). Ordered a Hi-Tone Custom Lowatt and 1×12 Cabinet. Blown away at the quality and tone…a beautiful work of art that SOUNDS FANTASTIC. So impressed I ordered a Lowatt JP…that is now my main amp, replacing all my vintage Marshalls and Voxes. Super versatile..gloriously does the “Dark Side of theM___” thing!!! Best ever…, but also can crunch it up! I get Marshall, Vox, and Fender Super Reverb like tones out of this thing as well!!! No kidding. The tone controls actually DO something and this thing has me playing more and more…cant turn it off. Super light. Super portable. Can gig with it, and Master Volume works so well….no tone loss down to suitable house volumes. This is a Class Company making bullet proof works of art. Thanks so much. Planning another purchase. PS: The 1×12″ cabs sound HUGE!!! Thank you Clayton and the Hi-Tone Family!

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