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Eclipse 4×12


A fitting tribute to the cabs made famous by the band Pink Floyd. Fitted with the new HI-TONE – Crescendo “A” an exacting tonal clone of the 1970’s Crescendo “A”.  These cabs will ensure you cut through a complex mix with singing tone. Best of all they are built to the standards you expect from HI-TONE!

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Weight: 120 lbs

Cab dimensions:  30”L x 14.5”D x 30”H

Speakers:  four HT-C “A” 100w. drivers

Impedance: 16 ohms

Internal wire: Evidence Audio Siren II

Casters standard

Made with premium voidless Baltic Birch plywood and hard Maple, No Chip Board!

  • Sides: .625”
  • Baffle:.75”
  • Back: 1”

The same premium construction you expect from HI-TONE.  Finger joined corners, threaded metal inserts, custom woven grill cloth.

HI-TONE amplification has no affiliation with Watkins Electric Music

Shipping Information

Weight: 140 lbs

Dimensions: 34″ L x 19″ D x 35″ H

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 19 × 35 in

3 reviews for Eclipse 4×12

  1. Gary Jarvis

    Longtime user of Hi-Watt amps and over the last 3 years I’m primarily using Hi-Tone’s DG series head and their DR 4×12 cabinet. When they announced the new Eclipse series cabinets I contacted Clayton immediately and put my order in.
    I have both Hi-Tone DR and Eclipse 4×12 cabinets side by side. They are different in looks and tones. Having been a huge fan of David Gilmour I had to have the Eclipse! It was the last piece of the puzzle really. I had his tone really close I thought. However after playing the new Eclipse I quickly realized it was the cabinet. OMG! It’s spot on Gilmour in every way. The Upper mids are slightly better and the bass is decreased making this cabinet cut through the mix.
    From the cleans on Cluster One to the fuzz’d Time solo. From The Wall to On an Island it’s all there.
    These are built like a tank! Very heavy and the construction is second to none. These are made 10 times better than the old original WEM Starfinder cabinets. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are incredible.

    Listen, if you’re after Gilmour, this is a must have. Trust me I’ve been chasing his tone for 30 years this year. This is it!! Thanks Clayton for such an outstanding product and service!! Respect my friend.

  2. Zoran Locki

    I got one of your Eclipse 4×12 cabs 6-8 months ago. Best cab I have ever heard! The quality of your work is better than any I have seen, the thing is heavy as hell, and sounds amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it. Driven by my ’74 HIWATT 100 the tone is like heaven, but much much heavier. Never harsh, smooth and satisfying. Even turned up to the moon with stupid amounts of fuzz and delay delay, it never fails to blow me away! I can’t do any work since I got it, just can’t stop playing! Oh and I can’t stop looking at the damn thing, the grill is so nice, not like the fake printed ones you see people trying to sell, real woven fabric. I have not taken the rear panel off to see the speakers, some day I might, if I can put my ax down for a minute… but I’m afraid that Gilmour will jump out and all the tone will escape. Thank you for making these, they are worth more than money. 6 stars!

  3. Jarrett Cole

    I have owned this exceptional speaker cabinet for exactly one year now and I’ve been thinking about writing this review for just about as long. For me, David Gilmour’s angelic, clean guitar tone on the opening section of “Echoes” from Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii is what playing a Hiwatt is all about. I’ve been searching for a way to achieve that sound since I first watched Live at Pompeii about 20 years ago. Over the years, I’ve tried many amp and speaker combinations including an early 70s four input Hiwatt DR504 and Fane loaded SE4123 cabs… which sounded great, but didn’t quite give me the vibe captured at Pompeii.

    Living in Canada, I was destined to eventually come across the Traynor YBA-3 Custom Special. I now own three of these monsters, all manufactured in 1969. The Custom Special is a loud, clean, 100w tube amp with massive iron. The 25w Marsland speakers available in Canada at the time could not handle the power of the Custom Special. If Pete Traynor had had access to Fane Crescendo speakers back in the day, Traynor amps may have achieved the same legendary status around the world as Dave Reeves’ Hiwatts! The Hi-Tone “Crescendo A” speakers are an absolutely perfect fit for my YBA-3s, truly a match made in heaven. The 4×12 Eclipse cab oozes Pompeii vibe and is as indestructible as my vintage Traynor amps.

    There are so many tones available with the Eclipse cab, the sky’s the limit. As a nice surprise, I’ve even been able to nail the tones of Ry Cooder and Manuel Galbán’s Mambo Sinuendo album with this rig. Need to take your tone to the next level? Call Clayton and give Hi-Tone the chance to change your concept of guitar tone forever. Cheers, and happy Canada Day!

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