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The JP uses a different approach than the other amps. The back end of the preamp is mostly normal, including the tone stack, but the front end has a cathode follower driving a Balance control that is controlled by footswitch (like the rare SAP amp does). This effectively acts as a second footswitchable volume control, and allows boosting the signal when desired. We have taken a few slight liberties with this amp, for example, making the Presence control function as per normal, and electronically switching the Balance instead of sending the guitar signal out to the footswitch.

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A 50 watt version of the legendary 1969 amps built for one of the most iconic rock guitarists in history.

  • Proper design and layout, premium components and superior build quality put the HI-TONE JP50 in a class all it’s own.
  • standard with premium Sozo capacitors.
  • standard with JJ and TAD Premium Selected tubes.  

Dimensions:  25.125” L x 11.125” D x 10.125” H

Shipping weight: 50 lbs.

Due to the nature of our shop and dedication to a superior product please allow 12-14 weeks build time if the amp is not listed as in stock.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 16 in

2 reviews for HT50 JP

  1. Hudson C Rogers

    Since I heard the Beatles in 1964 I have been on the tone trail.I have had many disappointments.I have owned every imaginable amp . After hearing the JP50 with NOS mustards, I now have a collection of classic Fender tweed amps that I can barely stand to listen to.The JP50 and its relative the SAP 50 have the best clean and the best overdriven sounds I have ever heard .There is a clarity and full frequency reponse you will not find in any other amp.We are searching for the great tones we have heard on record.These are fully produced sound where lacking frequencies have been boosted and undesirable frequencies have been removed . The Hi- Tones Amps produce the full frequency repose of a fully produced guitar sound. It’s all there , and with a menacing attitude.I A/B’d the JP50 with an original black faced(fully tweaked) Twin Reverb and the Hi-Tone made it sound like a toy .To compare a Hi-Tone / Hiwatt to a Marshall listen to the Sweet Jane intro by Lou Reed. That’s a Hiwatt on the right and a Marshall on the left. The clarity and the musicality of the Hiwatt makes the Marshall sound harsh and trashy. Save yourself a lot of frustration and invest in a Hi-Tone, the King of amps.

  2. Ricky Dover Jr

    Love my JP50! The clarity in the tone is truly remarkable! Both in clean and overdrive settings, the sound of your guitar is finally “unmasked” as you hear the purity of your guitar tone through the sensitive touch of the strings and full frequency dynamic response of the amp. When comparing to an early 70s silverface Twin, and a Marshall Super Bass clone, the JP50 sounds as though the blanket has been lifted from your sound, and you’re going straight up the skirt of rock n roll! It’s a dramatic realization one will have when they first plug into a HiTone. Cleans are not overly clear as to create a sterile lifeless environment, the JP50 is very personable in all settings and provides an full bodied overdrive punch when cranked up. Doesn’t take much to get it to overdrive as it is an amp that begs to be turned up. Having a Channel Vol, Balance, and Master Volume allows you to dial in just about any tone at any volume. The harmonic overtones are truly unique, and much different from other amps. Clarity cannot be understated. If you’re happy having an Instagram filter for a guitar tone, then this isn’t for you. If you want a professional amp delivering impeccable tone-tone meant to be heard-then you’re in the right spot. The “Mil Spec Standards” in the guts and construction of these amps mean they are LITERALLY MILITARY GRADE GUITAR AMPS! How badass is that?! What’s even better? It’s tradition in these amps. Must be pretty damn indestructible as to survive the punishment from players such as Pete Townsend. Overall the JP50 is a fantastic guitar amp, built to incredible degree of pedigree from the lineage of founder Dave Reeves to constructor/aficionado/HiTone President Clayton Callaway. AAAA+++++++

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