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The LEAD Series is based on a “one off” DR103 that Dave Reeves modified in his garage in New Malden. This particular amp has a tone stack that is a precursor to the legendary “DR” pre-amps. The LEAD has more mids and more gain than the classic “DR”.

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The LEAD model is based on a “one-off” DR103 that Dave Reeves built for an un-named artist back in the spring of 1970.

  • It incorporates all of the classic “DR” features, but has more gain and more emphasis on the mid-range.
  • Some of our friends have described the original as: “the best sounding DR103 I ever heard” and “it’s like an ‘angry H*WATT’ or ‘H*WATT Nasty'”
  • Note this amp is NOTHING like the 1980s “Hiwatt lead” amps.
  • 3 x 12ax7/ecc83
  • 1 x 12at7/ecc81
  • 2 x EL34

Dimensions:  25.125” L x 11.125” D x 10.125” H

Shipping weight: 50 lbs.

Due to the nature of our shop and dedication to a superior product please allow 12-13 weeks build time if the amp is not listed as in stock.

Thank you for your patience and support!

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 16 in

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  1. Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz

    I have been using the HT50 Lead for two years now. It is absolutely amazing. No issues at all after touring and doing over 200 shows on the amp with various acts, including Dead Boys, Cheetah Chrome Solo shows and some Sylvain Sylvain shows. While I personally think the amp sounds wonderful, the biggest compliment I get is at the end of the night when the sound guy approaches me and tells me how amazing it sounds. This seems to happen routinely. They emphasize how they don’t really do anything to the tone in the mix and it manages to cut right through the everything. I also find myself being asked a lot of questions about the amp by audience members. The white tolex on my rig really seems to turn heads. I own many vintage tube amps and this one continually gets the call. I think this is without a doubt one of the finest amps on the market.

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