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The LOWATT LEAD Combo is based on a “one off” DR103 that Dave Reeves modified in his garage in New Malden. This particular amp has a tone stack that is a precursor to the legendary “DR” pre-amps. The LEAD has more mids and more gain than the classic “DR”.

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The LOWATT LEAD loaded with a 1 x 12″ HI-TONE  Speaker

The LEAD model is based on a “one-off” DR103 that Dave Reeves built for an un-named artist back in the spring of 1970.

  • It incorporates all of the classic “DR” features, but has more gain and more emphasis on the mid-range.
  • Some of our friends have described the original as: “the best sounding DR103 I ever heard” and “it’s like an ‘angry H*WATT’ or ‘H*WATT Nasty'”
  • Note this amp is NOTHING like the 1980s “Hiwatt lead” amps.
  • 3 x 12ax7/ecc83
  • 1 x 12at7/ecc81
  • 2 x 6V6

Combo weight 45 lbs.

Combo dimensions: 23”L x 10 7/8”D x 21”H

Shipping weight 58lbs.

Shipping dimensions:  34” x 18” x 25”

Due to the nature of our shop and dedication to a superior product please allow 12-14 weeks build time if the amp is not listed as in stock.

Thank you for your patience and support!

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Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 25 in

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  1. Andy Day

    As a lifelong guitarist and songwriter, I’ve been through every phase of every amp and guitar combo one might expect. They each bring their own balance of good and bad, and they all have their place, but with my new LOWATT Lead Combo I have found what eluded me all along: an amp that sounds and feels every bit like a big classic tube amp, but is convenient for modern use. Inside and out it is made like a tank with the same top-notch components which Clayton uses in all his products (which, by the way, are increasingly rare in amps these days). However, I can carry it without breaking my back when I play out, it has a small footprint, and most importantly it can achieve every bit of the tone I want to hear at volumes modest enough to keep stage volume reasonable at gigs and in my home studio. That said, it can also get surprisingly loud when the mood strikes.
    It is quite versatile. The way I’ve come to use it live is to dial in a clean sound with an array of pedals for tone shaping. It takes pedals very well. The sound is detailed and highly responsive which makes it a blast to play. However, when the song calls for classic rock overdrive (think somewhere ranging from The Who in the 70s to an AC/DC rhythm crunch), I crank up the preamp gain and just smile.
    I have to mention the Hi-Tone customer service too. I happen to live near enough to Hi-Tone HQ that I was able to visit the showroom and test drive all options. Clayton will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. He shows great attention to detail and is clearly passionate about his work. The Reeves legacy is in good hands. I can highly recommend Hi-Tone to anyone looking for a killer amp.

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