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The LOWATT Combo is a careful reproduction of the amps made by Dave Reeves in the early 1970s. The tone stack is unique and different than the “FMV” controls found on most amplifiers, and has significantly more tonal range. These are relatively low gain amps with plenty of punch and headroom, and are great with pedals.

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The classic 1971-1974 “DR” loaded with a 1 x 12″ HI-TONE Speaker

  • Based on Dave Reeves’ Classic Circuitry
  • Custom Partridge clone transformers built exclusively for HI-TONE Amplification by Heyboer Transformers
  • 18 watts via 2 x 6V6 Power Tubes
  • Internally linked input based on a discovery by Pete Cornish that linking two channels created a more balanced sound for a certain “comfortably numb” guitar hero
  • Controls: Normal Vol | Brill Vol | Bass | Treble | Middle | Presence | Master Volume
  • built with premium SOZO signal capacitors
  • standard with TAD premium selected and or JJ tubes

Combo weight 45 lbs. with DR-F or ‘231.

Combo dimensions: 23”L x 10 7/8”D x 21”H

Shipping weight 58lbs.

Shipping dimensions:  34” x 18” x 25”

Due to the nature of our shop and dedication to a superior product please allow 12-14 weeks build time if the amp is not listed as in stock.

Thank you for your patience and support!

Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 25 in

5 reviews for CUSTOM LOWATT Combo

  1. HitoneMan1 (verified owner)

    Ordered mine with the 231’s, which are outstanding in the mids. Plug into the linked channel and you have the perfect Live at Leeds tone. You can go from clean to “kerang” just by adjusting your volume control. The way it brings out the natural tone of your guitar and pedals is an aural delight. You get the big amp tone in a package that you can actually carry around. Just an outstanding amp and an amazing platform.

  2. Jason Fillion (verified owner)

    I ordered mine with 231’s as well. This is a well-built great sounding amp that can nail Pink Floyd and The Who really easily. I strongly suggest for the Gilmour sound to copy his settings and tweak to taste. Mine are :normal 1:00, brilliance 11:00, bass 11:30, treble 8:30, middle 1:00, presence 3:00, master 8:30. Best part about it is you can play at this volume during the day in an apartment. I also had great luck changing out the stock TAD tubes for vintage NOS tubes. This circuit seems to like “hotter” tubes. I used the following to great success: V1- Mullard 161 Series ECC83 Blackburn, England, V2- BRIMAR ECC83/CV492, V3 BRIMAR ECC81/12AT7 Triple Mica Black Plates, and V4 BRIMAR ECC83 Short Plates -balanced. I have yet to swap out the power tubes, but I think the stock TAD’s are fine here. I would definitely recommend this amp, and I really think this is a company which stands by their product and takes pride in what they produce. Clayton, in particular, was really helpful.

  3. Jeff S Lectka

    What a find! I’ve owned Fender, Marshall, Mesa, and Friedman. All great amps. I’ve always loved the Hiwatt sounds but that level of volume is not practical for me these days. I nearly bought an old 50 watt Hiwatt once but it was so ungodly loud there’s was no way I’d ever be able to really play it. I’ve gigged with low-watt, high quality amps for a long time but they often lacked the headroom that I love for pedals and clean tones. I heard a bit about Hi-Tone and, to be honest, my stomach hurt a bit spending this much for an amp that I’ve never played, but they are obviously passionate about their product so I took a chance.
    First impression out of the box is that this amp is gorgeous. The look and build quality are flawless, and I love that it’s large but not overly heavy. It just feels Uber-solid and substantial. Excellent craftsmanship all around. When the world ends, this amp, an old Volvo, and cockroaches will be all that remain.
    The sound is what blows my mind though. This is easily the most responsive and dynamic amp I’ve ever played through and the most quiet at idle. And somehow it has bass and punch and fills a room like a 4×12. It’s got pretty simple controls but there is a lot of variation there. The sounds are big, immediate, punchy, full of harmonics and it sustains like crazy. At higher volumes everything is still tight, gets some gain, but is somehow still big and clear. It’s truly unique in my experience, and full-on-grin awesome rock that makes you want to take a couple windmills.
    Anyway, to sum up. This combo is an incredibly well crafted amp that offers a ton of classic British 60s and 70s rock tones that you will immediately recognize, and it will probably last a hundred years. Zero regrets buying this one, it’s totally worth it. And I haven’t even tried any of my pedals with it yet….

  4. Ian S

    I have been chasing that elusive Gilmour-inspired HiWatt sound for a number of years, and could never quite get a satisfactory tone running pedal into the clean channels of other amplifiers I have owned. Those days are over – The tone of this amplifier is absolutely stunning, and I had absolutely no problem dialling-in convincing Pink Floyd tones straight out of the box. The master volume, channel and tone controls are all very responsive, and it’s the first amp I’ve owned that retains the character and tone of an amp operating in its “sweet spot”, at higher volume levels, at much lower volumes as well. This makes it ideally suited to the home-studio setting I’m using it in.

    It is an amazing pedal-platform as well, and I’m hearing tonal variations between my (probably too many!) gain pedals that I’ve not really noticed before. For the first time my univibe pedal does not sound muffled, and can “breathe” (pardon the pun) – the clarity, punch and head-room of this amp is unbelievable.

    The build quality and aesthetics are also outstanding. Clayton was super-helpful during the whole ordering process and recommended the 231 speaker, which has more lower-mids and is suited to the open-back combo design. The Hi-Tone Custom Lowatt does what all good gear should do – inspires one to play guitar. These are superb amplifiers and I highly recommend them.

  5. tykey

    Bought mine in used but mint condition, in white livery and Mullard caps upgrade. It’s the only amp I use now, as every guitar or pedal I own sounds better through it. I have a bunch of Blackface Fenders that are now for sale. They sound muffled and bandwidth limited, in comparison, which of course they are.
    The build of the Hi-Tone is exemplary, as is the choice of speaker. I only wish I’d discovered them earlier.

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