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HI-TONE HT50 2×12 Combo Amp


The HI-TONE HT50 Combo amp combines a preamp based on the legendary “DR”, “DG”, or “CP” amp with two 12″ HI-TONE 231 Speakers.

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The HI-TONE HT50 Combo cabinet loaded with two 12″ HI-TONE 231 Speakers.

Cabinet dimensions: 27″ wide x 21 1/2″ high x 11.75″ deep.  Semi-open back.

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Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 25 in

1 review for HI-TONE HT50 2×12 Combo Amp

  1. Frank Neese

    Absolutely everything was a first rate experience for me. The amp had to be shipped to Europe which requires all kinds of regulations to be met. Clayton was truly wonderful to work with and the amp arrived safely, quickly and hassle free. I went with the Fx loop option since I wanted to have the option to run the amp slightly dirty and use time based effects and/or possibly run another pre amp into the power section of the amp. That was no problem.

    What a piece of art it is! The workmanship is impeccable and the amp is a real beauty. Already the first note I played made me go „wow“. That was a clean tone like I never heard before (and I have other great tubes amps). Big and bold with plenty of bloom and character. One feels an immediate connection between the fingers, the guitar and the amp because the amp reacts so sensitively to every nuance. It is also dead quiet. The amp is extremely well balanced across the tonal spectrum. The lows never get boomy, the mids never muddy, the highs never piercing. The range of tones one can dial in with the Eq controls is enormous but yet, it is hard to find a bad sound. It is really the quintessential high headroom clean platform to sculpt tone. It is beautiful on its own and really shines with pedals. Little wonder David Gilmour has trusted these amps for almost fifty years now. The amp can get really loud of course, but the master volume works like a charm and the amp also sounds good at lower volumes (but it is a pitty as the sonic experience of cranking it a bit is really special).
    The amp is really heavy of course. For me that does not matter, as I will only play it at home in my studio.
    I could not be happier with this amp and I warmly recommend it to anyone looking for a high headroom clean tube amp. It doesn‘t get better than this. I also believe that it is great value given that it is entirely hand wired with the best components the market has to offer.

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